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Some time to rest

July 1, 2012

Here’s a report from the group’s host. Jessica is doing well and they’re preparing for another island visit. Good times!


I wanted to send you a quick update on the team. First, Jess joined us again after we left our first island. She spent 2 nights with my family in Batam then joined us yesterday as we left the island to returnto base camp. She looks like a new person! Her eyes look pretty good. We will continue to monitor her and her situation.

The team had a great first island stay! I think everyone really enjoyed themselves and I know the Sea Tribe people really enjoyed the team. We are now at base camp for two days of r&r prior to heading to the second island


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  1. Angela Dyk permalink

    Hi Jessica! We are so glad to hear you are feeling a little better. We are all so proud of you for being so brave little one! We are impressed that you continue to praise God and keep your eyes on Him even when things didn’t go as planned! He is your healer and your comforter!!!! We miss you but we are so excited for you to continue your mission trip. We will continue to pray for your health as well as strength and energy for you and your group. God has this all in His hands and He is using your obedient heart to serve Him. Only He knows the depths of the hearts you have touched so far on your journey. He will bless you for your faithfulness in every situation! Let His Light Shine Jessica!!!! We all love you very much!!!!!

  2. Angela Dyk permalink

    We are craving an update!!! We miss you guys and continue to pray for your health, safety, and ability to be effective vessels of His love!!!! Jess – We all wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you see this before your special day! We are thinking about you constantly and loving you and praying for you always!!! This will probably be your most memorable birthday ever – it may even bump the Tweety party!!!! Keep loving His people and we will see you when you are 19 years old!!! Happy Birthday Wishes and Much Love from all of us!!!

    • spuperkinscenter permalink

      Hi Angela!

      The team doesn’t have Internet access during their island visits (but their translators do have phones in case of any emergency). We’ll hear from them in a few days when they return to base camp between island visits.


  3. Angela Dyk permalink

    Thanks so much for the response Owen!!!! We will continue to trust God that they are doing great and serving Him well! – It is now 9 minutes into Jessica’s birthday! Happy Birthday Jess!!!!! We all love you and are so proud of you!!! We will have Millenium Ice Cream and No Bake Cookies when you get back!!!

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