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Some time to rest

Here’s a report from the group’s host. Jessica is doing well and they’re preparing for another island visit. Good times!


I wanted to send you a quick update on the team. First, Jess joined us again after we left our first island. She spent 2 nights with my family in Batam then joined us yesterday as we left the island to returnto base camp. She looks like a new person! Her eyes look pretty good. We will continue to monitor her and her situation.

The team had a great first island stay! I think everyone really enjoyed themselves and I know the Sea Tribe people really enjoyed the team. We are now at base camp for two days of r&r prior to heading to the second island


Jessica’s eye update

I received this email from the team’s host this morning – Jessica’s eye is healing and the team is preparing to leave base camp for their first island visit. Hooray!

I visited Jess this morning and her eyes looked GREAT. She called and cancelled her appt and just asked about the meds and how much longer to take them. She’ll continue the drops for another week, but she isn’t going to Singapore. She’ll join up with the rest of the team tomorrow morning when they leave their first island.

Learning and Loving!

Hello friends and family! 
So far the trip is going well 🙂
My eyes were a minor set back, but the Lord uses all things for good and I can honestly say that this has been
a wonderful opportunity to have my eyes open and to grow even more! 
I went to the doctor in Singapore yesterday, got 3 prescriptions, stayed the night, and had another checkup this morning! 
The doctor said that I am recovering extremely well! Praise be to God.
Now I am waiting a night in Batam because I have to have them checked one more time. Then I will be back out to the islands and be with the group for the rest of the trip!
Thank you for keeping me in your prayers, and dont worry!
The staff is taking AMAZING care of me 😀

I can’t wait to share all of my adventures with you all. I love you and I am excited to see you all!

Another Update

I (Owen) asked for an update on Jessica’s eye.  Here’s the good news from the team’s host:

The group is going out to base camp today. They will try to send an update or two in between islands, but our internet is pretty limited.

Jessica’s eye is feeling much better.

Lift up the groups and islands!


Hello everyone back home! We are alive and kickin’. We made it all the way through Singapore and into Indonesia safely.
So far this has been the first opportunity for us to send out a message to you all. There is very limited internet connection in the area we are in and even less when we get to base camp. We weren’t expecting it to be this limited so to be completely honest we aren’t sure of the next time we will be able to update.
So, to fill you all in so far we have been going through language training, eating exotic food and bracing ourselves for the humidity to increase throughout the day. This is the third full day in Indonesia and we have already learned so much from the people we have been in community with and the work of God in our everyday actions.

We each want to say some things to our families and friends since we don’t know the next time we can before we arrive back into the states… so here we go! 🙂


From Whit:

FAMILY: I’M ALIVE!!!!! No more need to worry, I have been safe, I have been hydrated and I have been eating. No need to come to the country and rescue me… because I know that you were both planning a trip down here since you haven’t heard from me in three days. And no… I’m not ignoring you, I haven’t been able to get ahold of you. I love you both, I’ve been praying daily for you both, and you are constantly on my mind. I have been learning so much, experiencing so much and can’t wait to share ALL my stories with you. We are just about to leave for the islands tomorrow and I can’t wait. I love you both and I’ll talk with you soon.

FRIENDS: You are all in my heart and on my mind. I can’t wait to see you and tell you my funky stories that I know you will appreciate. I love you all!!! I can’t wait to see you all. So tired… it’s already 8:30. I must sleep!

From Jess:
You guys!!! I’m in Indonesia and it is incredible! It hasn’t even been a full week, but we have done so much already! Traveling was tiring, but we got caught up on sleep! The food is absolutely amazing and the weather is nice and hot! I honestly think that I was made to live in this country 😀 Please stop worrying! I’m alive and they are taking such good care of us! We have an AMAZING indonesian woman that is our mother for the month 🙂 Two days ago I got a slight infection in both eyes. I got a prescription and have been resting a lot, so it is getting better. But I would love for all of you to be praying for complete healing and a healthy trip! (Mom, Dad, Ry, & family) I love you guys so much and I cannot wait to tell you all about the incredible experiences i am having! God is so good!


From Sam:


Hey everyone! How are you? Baik Baik Lah! The first 45 hours of traveling kind of sucked a lot but the first three days in Indonesia have been phenomenal! The woman that are our language teachers are amazing, my team is wonderful, and the groups from other schools and places (Westmont, Wheaton, The Navigators, and Bethany Bible Church) are fantastic with great friendships already being formed! God is already moving in my life and working on the Islands we will be visiting and I can’t wait to see how He’ll use broken vessels like us for His glory. I miss you guys but I am having a blast and will see you sooner than I am ready for. I appreciate all your love and support that I know is coming this way. You guys are the best! I love you all.


The Real Slim Shady

hey wonderful people(:
i won’t add too much to this (since i don’t want to hold up the blogging line – NOT because i don’t absolutely love you all..), but i just want to tell everyone how much i love it here.  it’s hot &humid, but it’s beyond beautiful, &the people are even more amazing than the scenery… i can’t even begin to express how grateful i am for our hosts &their strength &humility &warmth…i just love them.  &i know i’m supposed to be here.  i’m learning so much from everyone, about G’s incredible power &… i can’t even begin on that, but i’m bursting with excitement.  i’m constantly impressed with the insight &faith of my teammates…&just, i’m going to go now, but G’s amazing,, basically.
saya sayang kalian (: (:

Beloved Blogees,

Where do I begin? Three days in and it feels like I’ve been here for three years. Well, perhaps not that long. My point is, I fit in. I have islander blood: my Philippine factor is surfacing (Indonesia and the Philippines are near neighbors). Filipinos and Indonesians share a lot in common. I see many of the jovial, spirited, and rhythmic personality traits in the Indonesians that I know in my mom. There has been much laughter, singing, and smiles these three days. There’s only much more to come, where that came from.

We won’t have another opportunity to blog until the end of the trip. You’ll hear more from me then, in person.

Alhamdulilah! (Praise God)




Doing well

I just spoke to our team’s host in Indonesia – the team made it in safely last night, slept well, and is enjoying the first day in the islands. Brad just finished up a meeting with the team after lunch – they’re off to exchange some currency and continue their orientation.

I’ll keep you updated as we hear more!


In Taipei

Here’s a quick update from the Vietnam team, who flew with the Indonesia on their first flight:

We have made it to Taipei and we are waiting at the gate for our next flight. So far everything has gone smoothly.